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At Export Department, we specialize in Export and Import operations within the Middle East and African markets. Our expertise lies in skillfully representing brands, not just as buyers or sellers, but as extensions of our own manufacturing capabilities.

Export Department Company Services


We are an organization prepared to fuel your growth by exporting food and dairy products. If you are seeking any particular products, particularly in the food sector, we can readily supply them from Iran.


We cater to Iranian companies that are seeking to import essential raw materials. Through our established network, we offer the flexibility to directly or indirectly fulfill their requirements using our offices in both the UAE and Turkey.

Out Sourcing

We offer outsourcing and co-branding opportunities within the Dairy and Juice product sectors. By collaborating with us, you can tap into a range of opportunities that enable you to enhance your business efficiency and expand your product offerings.


With our exceptional professional marketing teams, you can leverage our services for market analysis, market entry, and market development in the MENA region, especially the Iranian market.

Our Services

Proficiency in both exporting from Iran and importing to Iran defines our core expertise. With located offices in Iran, the UAE, and Turkey, we proudly offer comprehensive global import and export services, with a particular focus on the food and dairy sectors. Our commitment to facilitating seamless international trade underscores our dedication to fostering worldwide connections.

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